2017 Wolf Reports

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Wolf Report 2017 11 15Typical put-up-and-shut-up wolf cult strategy. An Oregon hunter legally shot a charging wolf in self defense. 16 pro-wolf groups of hypocrites accuse him of poaching. OWE - Kerry TienhaaraOregonWild, Wolf cult, Hypocrites, Fake Wolf Experts
Wolf Report 2017 11 086 cow deaths investigated. Hunter attacked by Wolves. Yet ODFW biologist claims wolf negative interactions almost non-existent.OWE - Kerry TienhaaraDepredations, Wolf Attacks hunter, ODFW
Wolf Report 2017 10 18Harl Butte Pack kills again on private property, 11 confirmed to-date. Chronic depredating OR33 shot in S. Oregon. Habituated wolf 100 yards from construction crew shows no fear of people.OWE - Ramona PhillipsHarl Butte Pack, Depredations, Habituated Wolves, OR33
Wolf Report 2017 10 11Rob Klavins denigrates local rancher and illegally publishes his name on the OregonWild website to incite his hate group followers against ranching.OWE - Connie DunhamRob Klavins, OregonWild, Wolves, Harl Butte Pack, Livestock Depredations
Wolf Report 2017 10 04As we predicted the Harl Butte pack continues to depredate. Full lethal needs to be implemented. Wolf Dictators have no respect for private property, nor interest to follow the WCMP they imposed on us.OWE - Ramona PhillipsHarl Butte Pack, Lethal Removal, Chronic Depredation, Private property
Wolf Report 2017 08 30Incremental lethal does not work, Harl Butte Pack continues depredating. OregonWild stomps their feet, demand stopping lethal, claim ranchers don't use non-lethal.OWE - Ramona PhillipsHarl Butte Pack, OregonWild, Depredations, Lethal Removal
Wolf Report 2017 08 09Lethal removal order for 2 Harl Butte Pack wolves (an Imnaha Pack spinoff). This will not work, the entire pack needs to be removed. Imnaha Pack had 42 confirmed depredations.OWE - Ramona PhillipsHarl Butte Pack, Lethal removal, Imnaha Pack,
Wolf Report 2017 07 26More depredations on private property. Environmental groups lust for power an money. The merciful bullet to end the agonizing suffering of a calf injured by wolves.OWE - Kerry TienhaaraWolves, Depredations, Private Property, Environmental crooks, Death by wolves
Wolf Report 2017 07 19Busy July, missed a few CGWR's. Many wolf sightings, one legally shot by a rancher. Government hypocrisy with the Rainbow Gathering vs. the paying AppaloosaTrail Riders.OWE - Ramona PhillipsWolf legally shot, Rainbow Gathering, Appaloosa Trail Riders, USFS hypocrisy
Wolf Report 2017 06 28Factual data regarding wolf depredation locations being on private property. OWE - Kerry TienhaaraDepredations, Private Property, Russ Morgan, chart
Wolf Report 2017 06 21About our small but dedicated group, non-native/non-endangered wolves, chocolate milk/brown beef cows, fake environmental groupsOWE - Kerry TienhaaraOWE, property rights, wolves, chocolate milk
Wolf Report 2017 06 14Watching for the next Shamrock Pack attack on livestock. Elk find refuge on private property, snowflakes meltdown explained, environmentalists' NDD and WFD debunked.OWE - Connie DunhamShamrock Pack, Snowflakes, NDD, WFD, Fantasy
Wolf Report 2017 06 07Honoring Doug Tippett, an honorable man who recently passed away. He was part of Wallowa County's history, a no-fence traveler, and a great supporter of our group and freedom of speech.OWE - Ramona PhillipsDoug Tippett; Freedom of Speech; Rancher; Wolves, Private Property
Wolf Report 2017 05 31OWE - Connie Dunham
Wolf Report 2017 05 17OWE - Connie Dunham
Wolf Report 2017 05 03OWE - Kerry Tienhaara
Wolf Report 2017 04 26OWE - Ramona Phillips
Wolf Report 2017 04 19OWE Kerry Tienhaara
Wolf Report 2017 04 12OR50 collared, Russ Morgan proud of it
Calf killed, mama cow chased to death on private property.
OR50 GPS at kill site. ODFW plays stupid regarding lethal removal.
Report depredations to: Wildlife Services 541-530-9949
and WC Sheriff: 541-426-3131. Don't waste time calling ODFW.
OWE - Connie DunhamWolves, OR50, Russ Morgan, ODFW, Depredation, Private Property, Kate Brown, OregonWild
Wolf Report 2017 03 29Latest depredations by wolves. A horse, chickens, geese. Shamrock Pack continues to evade lethal. Nightmare experienced by one of our membersOWE - Connie DunhamWolves, Depredation, Shamrock, Horse, Chickens, Geese, Private Property, Nightmare
Wolf Report 2017 03 22OWE - Ramona Phillips
Wolf Report 2017 03 15OWE - Kerry Tienhaara
Wolf Report 2017 03 08OWE - Kerry Tienhara
Wolf Report 2017 02 22OWE - Ramona Phillips
Wolf Report 2017 02 15OWE - Connie Dunham
Wolf Report 2017 02 01In response to Rob Klavins' propaganda column on predator poaching OWE clarifies who the real poachers are - the introduced Canadian Gray Wolves.OWE - Connie Dunham
Wolf Report 2017 01 25Wolves run through Tom Birkmaier's 300 + bred cows again. ODFW shenanigans continue. Roblyn Brown decides it was coyotes. From her office.OWE - Ramona Phillips
Wolf Report 2017 01 11The Shamrock Pack has exceeded the lethal removal criteria yet ODFW refuses to implement.OWE - Connie Dunham
Wolf Report 2017 01 04Two dogs attacked close to house in Flora. ODFW says coyotes despite wolves being observed on and around attack location.OWE - Ramona Phillips