2017 Wolf Reports

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Wolf Report 2017 03 15
Wolf Report 2017 03 08
Wolf Report 2017 02 22
Wolf Report 2017 02 15
Wolf Report 2017 02 01In response to Rob Klavins' propaganda column on predator poaching OWE clarifies who the real poachers are - the introduced Canadian Gray Wolves.OWE - Connie Dunham
Wolf Report 2017 01 25Wolves run through Tom Birkmaier's 300 + bred cows again. ODFW shenanigans continue. Roblyn Brown decides it was coyotes. From her office.OWE - Ramona Phillips
Wolf Report 2017 01 11The Shamrock Pack has exceeded the lethal removal criteria yet ODFW refuses to implement.OWE - Connie Dunham
Wolf Report 2017 01 04Two dogs attacked close to house in Flora. ODFW says coyotes despite wolves being observed on and around attack location.OWE - Ramona Phillips