2014 Depredations


2014 Depredation Investigation Locations as of 2014_11_03
As of 11/03/2014







NameDescriptionLocationPackODFW Verdict QI? QI Status
141030 Jackson Investigation ReportCow, deadJackson/Private/Prospect area/Rogue UnitOR7 GPS+other wolves' tracks presentPossible/UnknownNANA
141013 Wallowa Investigation ReportCow, dead
nearly all soft tissue gone
Wallowa/Private/Clear RidgeImnaha? OR25 4 miles from sitePossible/UnknownNANA
141008 Umatilla Investigation ReportNewborn calf deadUmatilla/Private/Umapine AreaTBD?OtherNANA
140924 Umatilla Investigation ReportCalf injured inside fenced in pastureUmatilla/Private/Meacham CreekMeacham OR26 GPS 40 + location inside pastureConfirmed Wolf
140918 Wallowa Depredation ReportCalf, deadWallowa/Public/Skookum CreekImnaha (OR25 GPS+wolf tracks on site)Confirmed Wolf
140918 Baker Investigation ReportCalf, deadBaker/Public/Summit PointPack TBD Multiple wolf tracks on sitePossible/UnknownNANA
140916 Umatilla Depredation Report5 sheep killed 200 yards from herder
4 guard dogs present
Umatilla/Public/Ruckle JunctionMt. Emily (OR28 GPS on site)Confirmed Wolf
140915 Umatilla Depredation ReportMultiple Sheep killed+Guard dogs killed/injured/missingUmatilla/Public/Ruckle JunctionMt. Emily (OR28)Confirmed Wolf
140905 Wallowa Investigation ReportCow, deadWallowa/Public/ChesnimnusChesnimnus wolves?Possible/UnknownNANA
140827 Wallowa Investigation ReportCow, deadWallowa/Private/Lostine RiverNAOtherNANA
140820 Umatilla Depredation ReportFlock of 17 sheep attacked, 1 killedUmatilla/Private/Weston MountainUmatilla/OR14 + OR22ConfirmedYesEffective until midnight 02/19/15
140819 Umatilla Depredation ReportYearling cows, 2 limping+1 euthanized Umatilla/Private/Weston MountainUmatillaOtherNANA
140814 Wallowa Depredation ReportCalf/InjuredWallowa/Private/Zumwalt/Pine CreekUnknownConfirmed WolfPendingPending
140812b Umatilla Depredation ReportSuffolk ewe killedUmatilla/Private/Weston MountainUmatilla/ OR14 GPS at kill siteProbable wolf (despite OR14 presence)No due to ODFW machination!NA
140812 Umatilla Depredation ReportOne Sheep, deadUmatilla/Private/Meacham areaOR26 GPS on site twiceOther NANA
140731 Union Investigation ReportEwe, deadUnion/Private/Ruckle JunctionMt. Emily OR28 GPS on site twicePossible/UnknownNANA
140728 Union Investigation ReportEwe, deadUnion/Public/Ruckle Junction areaMt. Emily OR28 on site 2.5 hrsPossible/UnknownNANA
140726 Umatilla Investigation ReportCow, deadUmatilla/Private/Reservation MountainTBD/OR14 2 miles awayOtherNANA
140722 Baker Investigation ReportHorse, deadBaker/Private/Lee CreekNone knownOtherNANA
140716 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead, 30% consumedWallowa/Public/Cougar CreekNew packConfirmed WolfYesEffective until midnight 01/15/15
140709 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf, dead, partially consumedWallowa/Public/Carol CreekGPS wolf at 1.6 milesPossible/UnknownNANA
140616 Wallowa Depredation ReportCalf, dead, hind legs consumedWallowa/Private/Big Sheep CreekGPS Wolf at 5.7 milesOtherNANA
140614 Umatilla Depredation ReportCow, injuredUmatilla/Private/Wildhorse Road areaUmatilla, OR14 & OR23 GPS on siteConfirmed WolfYesEffective until midnight 12/13/14
140613 Umatilla Depredation ReportSheep 6 dead+6 injured+1 missing=13 total
Inside electrified fladry pen
Umatilla/Private/Wildhorse Rd/inside pen next to houseUmatilla/OR14 GPS on siteConfirmed WolfYesEffective until midnight 12/12/14
140530 Wallowa Depredation Report3 dead lambs + 20 sheep injuredWallowa/Private/Western ZumwaltUnknown Confirmed Wolf Yes Effective until midnight 11/29/2014
140522 Wallowa Depredation ReportDead calf/left side consumedWallowa/Private/Alder slopeUnknownOtherNoNA
140520 Wallowa Investigation ReportDead calf, entrails consumedWallowa/Private/North of EnterpriseUnknownOtherNoNA
140517 Wallowa Investigation ReportDead cowWallowa/Private/Zumwalt PrairieUnknownOtherNoNA
140505 Wallowa Depredation ReportCalf eaten+cow deadWallowa/Private/Camp CreekNew wolves?Possible/UnknownNoNA
140423 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf, injuredWallowa/Private/Upper Prairie CreekImnaha?OtherNoNA
140410 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalves: one injured/one missingWallowa/Private/Deadhorse RidgeImnaha?OtherNoNA
140330 Baker Depredation ReportDead Cow, carcass consumedBaker/Private/Five Mile Rd.TBDPossible/UnknownNoNA
140228 Wallowa Depredation ReportDead cow, carcass consumed, collared wolves on site.Wallowa/Private/Lower Imnaha RiverSnake RiverProbable (Despite clear evidence)No (Due to ODFW corruption)NA (Due to ODFW corruption)
140130 Wallowa Depredation ReportEwe, killed in paddock close to residenceWallowa/Private/Upper Prairie CreekImnahaConfirmedYesEffective until midnight 07/29/14