2016 Depredations

This page is updated throughout 2016 when new information becomes available.

ODFW Verdict Rating Rev1


NameDescriptionLocationPackODFW Verdict Prior vicinity attacks?Verdict Credibility
161226 Wallowa Investigation Report2 cow dogs injured close to home
Wolves seen in area
Wallowa/Lost Prairie/PrivateShamrock Pack? OR41 GPS data not disclosed!!OtherYes Multiple2
161208 Umatilla Investigation ReportTwo Calves limping
two wolves seen
Umatilla/Kanine Ridge/TribalUnknownPossible/UnknownNone known3
161121 Wallowa Investigation Report8 months Calf
Wolves fed on it while alive
Entire anus colon ripped off
Had to be euthanized
Herd chased through fences
Wallowa/Crow Creek/PrivateShamrock Pack OR41 GPS @ < 1/2 mileConfirmedYes Multiple5
161026 Umatilla Investigation ReportCow with injured udder
Umatilla/West Birch Creek/PublicUnknown?Possible/UnknownNone known recently3
161019-B Klamath Investigation ReportCow dead, head under water
Small amount consumed
Klamath/Wood River Valley/PrivateRogue Pack/OR7 Wolf tracks @1/4 mile 5 wolves on trailcam @3.3 milesOtherYes, multiple2
161019-A Klamath Investigation Report700lbs Calf dead
Mostly consumed
Klamath/Wood River Valley/PrivateRogue Pack/OR7 Wolf tracks present 5 Wolves on Trailcam @3.3 milesConfirmedYes Multiple4
161013 Wallowa Investigation Report500 lbs Calf injuredWallowa/Grouse Creek/PublicHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) No GPS dataConfirmedYes Multiple3
161012 Wallowa Investigation ReportCow dead
partially consumed
12 wolves observed 1/2 mile North
Wallowa/Big Sheep Creek/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) No GPS data Wolf tracks @200 yardsOtherYes Multiple2
161006 Wallowa Investigation Report500lb Calf injured
Numerous bites
Wallowa/Harl Butte/PublicHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) No GPS data Wolf tracks in areaConfirmedYes Multiple3
161006 Klamath Investigation Report300 lb Calf heard balling
Found with injuries on all legs
Klamath/Wood River Valley/PrivateRogue pack OR7 Wolf tracks foundConfirmedYes3
161005-B Klamath Investigation Report600lb Calf dead, mostly consumed
3 wolves seen nearby
Klamath/Wood River Valley/PrivateRogue Pack OR7 Wolf tracks presentConfirmedYes3
161005-A Klamath Investigation Report800lb calf dead, mostly consumed
3 wolves seen feeding on carcass
Klamath/Wood River Valley/PrivateRogue Pack OR7 Wolf tracks presentConfirmedYes3
160929 Lake Investigation ReportCalf injured severelyLake/Timber Fall Butte/PublicOR28 GPS within areaConfirmedNone known3
160928 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead
Carcass intact
Many bite wounds
Wallowa/Harl Butte/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) no GPS data Wolf tracks at carcassConfirmedYes Multiple 3
160924 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead, mostly consumedWallowa/Griffith Creek/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) Wolf tracks 35yd from carcassPossible/UnknownNone recently Many prior3
160906 Wallowa Investigation ReportHunter observed 6 wolves kill calf
Took photos
Carcass fully consumed
Wallowa/Devils Run Creek/PublicChesnimnus Wolf tracks at site OR42 GPS close to killConfirmedNone known1
160903 Klamath Investigation Report65llb calf dead
Mostly consumed
Klamath/Sprague River Valley /PrivateUnknown? Large Canid tracks 1/2 mile from killPossible/UnknownNone known3
160901 Umatilla Investigation Report2 sheep dead
2 sheep injured, one later died
Umatilla/NE Mt. Emily WMU/PublicMt. Emily Pack Wolf tracks at kill site no GPS data??ConfirmedYes Multiple by Mt. Emily Pack3
160829 Union Investigation Report400 lb calf dead
Only scattered bones left
Union/Flagstaff Butte/PublicWolf tracks and scat at carcass OR27 GPS in vicinityPossible/UnknownYes 16/08/01 OR27 at that site3
160822 Jackson Investigation ReportCow dead almost no tissue leftJackson/Middle Fork Rogue River/PrivateUnknown pack Wolf scat 100 yd from carcass Tracks 1/2 mile on dusty roadPossible/UnknownNone known3
160820 Umatilla Investigation ReportInjured calf found in pond, died shortlyUmatilla/Meacham Creek/PrivateMeacham? Numerous tracks/No GPSConfirmedNone known3
160820 Morrow Investigation ReportDead 400lb calfMorrow/Upper Butter Creek/PrivateUnknownOtherNone known3
160818 Umatilla Investigation ReportWolf seen attacking guard dog+
1 dead ewe mostly consumed
Umatilla/Spring Mountain/PublicUnknown?ProbableNone known2
160813 Malheur Investigation ReportDead cowMalheur/Castle Rock/PublicUnknownOtherNone known3
160801 Union Investigation ReportDead Cow rear half consumedUnion/Catherine Creek/PublicCatherine Pair/Wolf Tracks/OR27 GPS at carcassOtherNone known2
160715 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf with severe injuriesWallowa/Beeler Ridge/PublicHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?)ConfirmedYes 06/18/16 Multiple attacks minutes away2
160715 Harney Depredation ReportCalf dead, mostly consumedHarney/Poison Creek/PublicTBDPossible/UnknownNone known3
160714 Umatilla ReportDead Bull
scratches on ribcage and back
Umatilla/Weston Mountain/PrivateUmatilla?OtherYes 07/02/20153
160629 Wallowa Investigation Report350lb Calf dead
Severe hemorrhage chest area
Wallowa/Upper Mud Creek/PrivateShamrockOther3 x Yes 6/27 Conf 9 miles away 6/23 Poss + 5/23 Prob same pasture2
160628 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead, mostly intact
Multiple wounds
Wallowa/Kuhn Ridge/PublicShamrock OR23 GPS 50 yd from carcass OR41 GPS 1.7 Miles Numerous Wolf tracks around carcassConfirmedYes3
160623 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead
Mostly consumed
Wallowa/Upper Mud Creek/PrivateShamrock?? No GPS dataPossible/Unknown1 x Yes 05/23/16 = Prob2
160618 Wallowa Depredation ReportCow dead, hind legs muscle consumed
Found in steep rocky draw
Wallowa/Beeler Ridge/PublicHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) Wolf tracks 20 ft from carcassPossible/UnknownNo GPS on wolves in area 2
160617 Jackson Investigation ReportSheep 3 dead + 2 injuredJackson/Butler Creek/Grizzly Peak/PrivateOR33 GPS 3.75 miles from siteOtherYes 1.3 Miles by OR332
160613-B Jackson Investigation ReportEwe dead
Intact with bite marks
Jackson/Grizzly Peak/PrivateOR33 GPS 0.75 miles from siteConfirmed2x Yes by OR333
160613-A Jackson Investigation ReportGoat dead only skeleton left
40 ft from previous kill
Guard dog on site
Jackson/Grizzly Peak/PrivateOR33 GPS 0.4 miles from siteProbable2x Yes by OR332
160610 Jackson Investigation ReportGoats 1 dead+1 injured
Guard dog present
Black wolf seen onsite
Jackson/Grizzly Peak/PrivateOR33 GPS 0.4 miles from kill site ConfirmedYes by OR333
160608 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead/struggle siteWallowa/Griffith/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?)? no GPS dataPossible/UnknownNone recent/many prior3
160602 Grant Investigation ReportCalf dead/partially consumedGrant/Bully Creek/PrivateNone knownOtherNone known3
160530 Klamath Investigation ReportCalf injuredKlamath/Williamson River/PrivateOR25 GPS @ 0 and 2.5 milesOtherYes 1 Poss/Unk3
160524 Klamath Depredation ReportCalf dead, insufficient remains to investigate.Klamath/Williamson River/PrivateGPS shows wolf in pasture (ID withheld by ODFW). Cattle disturbed/redistributedPossible/UnknownNone known3
160523 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead, mostly consumed in one nightWallowa/Mud Creek/PrivateShamrock/OR23 + OR41ProbableNone known2
160522 Wallowa Depredation ReportCow injured. Its calf was killed on 5/16 Wallowa/Chesnimnus/PrivateNumerous wolf tracks in pastureOtherYes2
160521 Umatilla Depredation Report1 Lamb dead, only remnants on drag trailUmatilla/South Fork Walla Walla river/PrivateWalla Walla/OR40 GPS + 4 wolves seen by herder on siteConfirmedNone known4
160516 Wallowa Depredation Report FinalCalf dead, mostly eatenWallowa/Chesnimnus Creek/PrivateTBD/Wolf tracks at sitePossible/UnknownYes/15 miles away2
160515 Klamath Investigation Report Final2 lambs dead/partially eatenKlamath/Sprague River/PrivateTBD/No evidenceOtherNone3
160509 Wallowa County ReportLlama dead, partially eatenWallowa/Buford Creek/PrivateWolf tracks on site/Shamrock/OR23 GPS @ 1.5 milesConfirmedNone3
160502-b Wallowa Depredation Investigation ReportCalf dead, partially eatenWallowa/Big Sheep/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?)? Wolf sighted 1/2 mile from carcassPossible/UnknownNone recently Many prior3
160502-a Wallowa Depredation Investigation ReportCalf dead, hind legs consumedWallowa/Lightning Creek/PrivateSnake River??? GPS data@2.7 mi Wolf identity not releasedPossible/UnknownYes, 7 miles away3
160430 Union Depredation Investigation ReportCalf dead in fenced pastureUnion/Catherine Creek/PrivateTBDPossible/UnknownNone3
160426 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf, Dead, mostly consumedWallowa/Lower Diamond Prairie/PrivateNAPossible/UnknownNo3
160417-B Wallowa Investigation ReportCow, dead in creekWallowa/Upper Imnaha/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) wolf tracks&bite marks presentPossible/UnknownYes2
160417-A Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf, dead, mostly consumed found by range riderWallowa/Little Sheep Creek/PrivateImnaha/OR38 GPS upsloap from carcassPossible/UnknownYes2
160415-B Wallowa Investigation Report2 calves, dead.
Calf #1 140 lbs mostly consumed
Wallowa/Little Sheep Creek/PrivateImnaha/OR38 GPS &VHF 150 yds from carcassOtherYes2
160415-A Wallowa Investigation Report2 calves dead
Calf #2 100 lbs mostly consumed.
Wallowa/Little Sheep Creek/PrivateImnaha/OR38 GPS & VHF 150 yds from carcassesPossible/UnknownYes2
160403 Klamath Investigation ReportCow could no longer stand
6 inch dia trauma at hips under skin
Klamath/East Langell Valley/PrivateNoneOtherNone known3
160330 Wallowa Investigation ReportRam injured
Multiple fresh wounds
Wallowa/Upper Swamp Creek/PrivateImnahaConfirmed3x Yes3
160329 Union Investigation ReportCalf dead
Inside fenced pasture
Union/Cricket Flat/PrivateNone knownOtherNone known3
160328-B Wallowa Investigation Report2 dead calves found
1 still warm and intact
1 died a few days earlier
see 160328-A Invest.
Wallowa/Upper swamp Creek/PrivateImnaha Wolf tracks in fresh snow OR4 + OR39 GPS in area Confirmed3 x Yes5
160328-A Wallowa Investigation Report2 dead calves found
1 died a few days earlier
1 still warm and intact
see 160328-B Invest.
Wallowa/Upper swamp Creek/PrivateImnaha Wolf tracks in fresh snow OR4 + OR39 GPS in areaConfirmed3 x Yes5
160328 Lake Investigation Report4 calves dead
varied degrees of consumption
Lake County/Silver Lake bed/PrivateOR28 GPS 1 Mi SouthOtherNone known2
160325 Wallowa Investigation ReportRam, deadWallowa/Upper Swamp Creek/PrivateImnaha/OR4 & OR39 GPS close to carcassConfirmedYes5
160316 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf injuredWallowa/Lower Imnaha/PublicSnake River????OtherNone known2
160315 Lake Investigation ReportCalf dead
found at OR28 GPS location
Lake County/Silver Lake/PrivateOR28 GPS in vicinity 3xOtherNone known2
160309 Wallowa Investigation Report500 lb steer calf dead
mostly consumed
kill scene evident
2 wolves seen by owner
Wallowa/Upper Swamp Creek/PrivateImnaha wolf scat & tracks 4 Imnaha wolves seen by ODFWConfirmedNone known5
160229 Wallowa Investigation ReportCow injured
2 cows escaped pasture
wolf tracks inside pasture
Wallowa/Zumwalt Prairie/PrivateImnaha??? Wolf tracks presentPossible/UnknownNone recently Multiple prior2
160222 Klamath Investigation Report500 lb heifer calf injured
wolf tracks in pasture at time of injury
Klamath/Swan Lake Valley/PrivateOR33 GPS 6x in areaConfirmedNone known5
160119 Union Investigation ReportBorder Collie badly injured
Died at vet clinic
Union/Catherine Creek/PrivateCatherine Pair??OtherNone known2