2016 Depredations


ODFW Verdict Rating Rev1


NameDescriptionLocationPackODFW Verdict Prior vicinity attacks?Verdict Credibility
161226 Wallowa Investigation Report2 cow dogs injured close to home
Wolves seen in area
Wallowa/Lost Prairie/PrivateShamrock Pack? OR41 GPS data not disclosed!!OtherYes Multiple2
161208 Umatilla Investigation ReportTwo Calves limping
two wolves seen
Umatilla/Kanine Ridge/TribalUnknownPossible/UnknownNone known3
161121 Wallowa Investigation Report8 months Calf
Wolves fed on it while alive
Entire anus colon ripped off
Had to be euthanized
Herd chased through fences
Wallowa/Crow Creek/PrivateShamrock Pack OR41 GPS @ < 1/2 mileConfirmedYes Multiple5
161026 Umatilla Investigation ReportCow with injured udder
Umatilla/West Birch Creek/PublicUnknown?Possible/UnknownNone known recently3
161019-B Klamath Investigation ReportCow dead, head under water
Small amount consumed
Klamath/Wood River Valley/PrivateRogue Pack/OR7 Wolf tracks @1/4 mile 5 wolves on trailcam @3.3 milesOtherYes, multiple2
161019-A Klamath Investigation Report700lbs Calf dead
Mostly consumed
Klamath/Wood River Valley/PrivateRogue Pack/OR7 Wolf tracks present 5 Wolves on Trailcam @3.3 milesConfirmedYes Multiple4
161013 Wallowa Investigation Report500 lbs Calf injuredWallowa/Grouse Creek/PublicHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) No GPS dataConfirmedYes Multiple3
161012 Wallowa Investigation ReportCow dead
partially consumed
12 wolves observed 1/2 mile North
Wallowa/Big Sheep Creek/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) No GPS data Wolf tracks @200 yardsOtherYes Multiple2
161006 Wallowa Investigation Report500lb Calf injured
Numerous bites
Wallowa/Harl Butte/PublicHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) No GPS data Wolf tracks in areaConfirmedYes Multiple3
161006 Klamath Investigation Report300 lb Calf heard balling
Found with injuries on all legs
Klamath/Wood River Valley/PrivateRogue pack OR7 Wolf tracks foundConfirmedYes3
161005-B Klamath Investigation Report600lb Calf dead, mostly consumed
3 wolves seen nearby
Klamath/Wood River Valley/PrivateRogue Pack OR7 Wolf tracks presentConfirmedYes3
161005-A Klamath Investigation Report800lb calf dead, mostly consumed
3 wolves seen feeding on carcass
Klamath/Wood River Valley/PrivateRogue Pack OR7 Wolf tracks presentConfirmedYes3
160929 Lake Investigation ReportCalf injured severelyLake/Timber Fall Butte/PublicOR28 GPS within areaConfirmedNone known3
160928 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead
Carcass intact
Many bite wounds
Wallowa/Harl Butte/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) no GPS data Wolf tracks at carcassConfirmedYes Multiple 3
160924 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead, mostly consumedWallowa/Griffith Creek/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) Wolf tracks 35yd from carcassPossible/UnknownNone recently Many prior3
160906 Wallowa Investigation ReportHunter observed 6 wolves kill calf
Took photos
Carcass fully consumed
Wallowa/Devils Run Creek/PublicChesnimnus Wolf tracks at site OR42 GPS close to killConfirmedNone known1
160903 Klamath Investigation Report65llb calf dead
Mostly consumed
Klamath/Sprague River Valley /PrivateUnknown? Large Canid tracks 1/2 mile from killPossible/UnknownNone known3
160901 Umatilla Investigation Report2 sheep dead
2 sheep injured, one later died
Umatilla/NE Mt. Emily WMU/PublicMt. Emily Pack Wolf tracks at kill site no GPS data??ConfirmedYes Multiple by Mt. Emily Pack3
160829 Union Investigation Report400 lb calf dead
Only scattered bones left
Union/Flagstaff Butte/PublicWolf tracks and scat at carcass OR27 GPS in vicinityPossible/UnknownYes 16/08/01 OR27 at that site3
160822 Jackson Investigation ReportCow dead almost no tissue leftJackson/Middle Fork Rogue River/PrivateUnknown pack Wolf scat 100 yd from carcass Tracks 1/2 mile on dusty roadPossible/UnknownNone known3
160820 Umatilla Investigation ReportInjured calf found in pond, died shortlyUmatilla/Meacham Creek/PrivateMeacham? Numerous tracks/No GPSConfirmedNone known3
160820 Morrow Investigation ReportDead 400lb calfMorrow/Upper Butter Creek/PrivateUnknownOtherNone known3
160818 Umatilla Investigation ReportWolf seen attacking guard dog+
1 dead ewe mostly consumed
Umatilla/Spring Mountain/PublicUnknown?ProbableNone known2
160813 Malheur Investigation ReportDead cowMalheur/Castle Rock/PublicUnknownOtherNone known3
160801 Union Investigation ReportDead Cow rear half consumedUnion/Catherine Creek/PublicCatherine Pair/Wolf Tracks/OR27 GPS at carcassOtherNone known2
160715 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf with severe injuriesWallowa/Beeler Ridge/PublicHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?)ConfirmedYes 06/18/16 Multiple attacks minutes away2
160715 Harney Depredation ReportCalf dead, mostly consumedHarney/Poison Creek/PublicTBDPossible/UnknownNone known3
160714 Umatilla ReportDead Bull
scratches on ribcage and back
Umatilla/Weston Mountain/PrivateUmatilla?OtherYes 07/02/20153
160629 Wallowa Investigation Report350lb Calf dead
Severe hemorrhage chest area
Wallowa/Upper Mud Creek/PrivateShamrockOther3 x Yes 6/27 Conf 9 miles away 6/23 Poss + 5/23 Prob same pasture2
160628 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead, mostly intact
Multiple wounds
Wallowa/Kuhn Ridge/PublicShamrock OR23 GPS 50 yd from carcass OR41 GPS 1.7 Miles Numerous Wolf tracks around carcassConfirmedYes3
160623 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead
Mostly consumed
Wallowa/Upper Mud Creek/PrivateShamrock?? No GPS dataPossible/Unknown1 x Yes 05/23/16 = Prob2
160618 Wallowa Depredation ReportCow dead, hind legs muscle consumed
Found in steep rocky draw
Wallowa/Beeler Ridge/PublicHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) Wolf tracks 20 ft from carcassPossible/UnknownNo GPS on wolves in area 2
160617 Jackson Investigation ReportSheep 3 dead + 2 injuredJackson/Butler Creek/Grizzly Peak/PrivateOR33 GPS 3.75 miles from siteOtherYes 1.3 Miles by OR332
160613-B Jackson Investigation ReportEwe dead
Intact with bite marks
Jackson/Grizzly Peak/PrivateOR33 GPS 0.75 miles from siteConfirmed2x Yes by OR333
160613-A Jackson Investigation ReportGoat dead only skeleton left
40 ft from previous kill
Guard dog on site
Jackson/Grizzly Peak/PrivateOR33 GPS 0.4 miles from siteProbable2x Yes by OR332
160610 Jackson Investigation ReportGoats 1 dead+1 injured
Guard dog present
Black wolf seen onsite
Jackson/Grizzly Peak/PrivateOR33 GPS 0.4 miles from kill site ConfirmedYes by OR333
160608 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead/struggle siteWallowa/Griffith/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?)? no GPS dataPossible/UnknownNone recent/many prior3
160602 Grant Investigation ReportCalf dead/partially consumedGrant/Bully Creek/PrivateNone knownOtherNone known3
160530 Klamath Investigation ReportCalf injuredKlamath/Williamson River/PrivateOR25 GPS @ 0 and 2.5 milesOtherYes 1 Poss/Unk3
160524 Klamath Depredation ReportCalf dead, insufficient remains to investigate.Klamath/Williamson River/PrivateGPS shows wolf in pasture (ID withheld by ODFW). Cattle disturbed/redistributedPossible/UnknownNone known3
160523 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf dead, mostly consumed in one nightWallowa/Mud Creek/PrivateShamrock/OR23 + OR41ProbableNone known2
160522 Wallowa Depredation ReportCow injured. Its calf was killed on 5/16 Wallowa/Chesnimnus/PrivateNumerous wolf tracks in pastureOtherYes2
160521 Umatilla Depredation Report1 Lamb dead, only remnants on drag trailUmatilla/South Fork Walla Walla river/PrivateWalla Walla/OR40 GPS + 4 wolves seen by herder on siteConfirmedNone known4
160516 Wallowa Depredation Report FinalCalf dead, mostly eatenWallowa/Chesnimnus Creek/PrivateTBD/Wolf tracks at sitePossible/UnknownYes/15 miles away2
160515 Klamath Investigation Report Final2 lambs dead/partially eatenKlamath/Sprague River/PrivateTBD/No evidenceOtherNone3
160509 Wallowa County ReportLlama dead, partially eatenWallowa/Buford Creek/PrivateWolf tracks on site/Shamrock/OR23 GPS @ 1.5 milesConfirmedNone3
160502-b Wallowa Depredation Investigation ReportCalf dead, partially eatenWallowa/Big Sheep/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?)? Wolf sighted 1/2 mile from carcassPossible/UnknownNone recently Many prior3
160502-a Wallowa Depredation Investigation ReportCalf dead, hind legs consumedWallowa/Lightning Creek/PrivateSnake River??? GPS data@2.7 mi Wolf identity not releasedPossible/UnknownYes, 7 miles away3
160430 Union Depredation Investigation ReportCalf dead in fenced pastureUnion/Catherine Creek/PrivateTBDPossible/UnknownNone3
160426 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf, Dead, mostly consumedWallowa/Lower Diamond Prairie/PrivateNAPossible/UnknownNo3
160417-B Wallowa Investigation ReportCow, dead in creekWallowa/Upper Imnaha/PrivateHarl Butte (Imnaha spinoff?) wolf tracks&bite marks presentPossible/UnknownYes2
160417-A Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf, dead, mostly consumed found by range riderWallowa/Little Sheep Creek/PrivateImnaha/OR38 GPS upsloap from carcassPossible/UnknownYes2
160415-B Wallowa Investigation Report2 calves, dead.
Calf #1 140 lbs mostly consumed
Wallowa/Little Sheep Creek/PrivateImnaha/OR38 GPS &VHF 150 yds from carcassOtherYes2
160415-A Wallowa Investigation Report2 calves dead
Calf #2 100 lbs mostly consumed.
Wallowa/Little Sheep Creek/PrivateImnaha/OR38 GPS & VHF 150 yds from carcassesPossible/UnknownYes2
160403 Klamath Investigation ReportCow could no longer stand
6 inch dia trauma at hips under skin
Klamath/East Langell Valley/PrivateNoneOtherNone known3
160330 Wallowa Investigation ReportRam injured
Multiple fresh wounds
Wallowa/Upper Swamp Creek/PrivateImnahaConfirmed3x Yes3
160329 Union Investigation ReportCalf dead
Inside fenced pasture
Union/Cricket Flat/PrivateNone knownOtherNone known3
160328-B Wallowa Investigation Report2 dead calves found
1 still warm and intact
1 died a few days earlier
see 160328-A Invest.
Wallowa/Upper swamp Creek/PrivateImnaha Wolf tracks in fresh snow OR4 + OR39 GPS in area Confirmed3 x Yes5
160328-A Wallowa Investigation Report2 dead calves found
1 died a few days earlier
1 still warm and intact
see 160328-B Invest.
Wallowa/Upper swamp Creek/PrivateImnaha Wolf tracks in fresh snow OR4 + OR39 GPS in areaConfirmed3 x Yes5
160328 Lake Investigation Report4 calves dead
varied degrees of consumption
Lake County/Silver Lake bed/PrivateOR28 GPS 1 Mi SouthOtherNone known2
160325 Wallowa Investigation ReportRam, deadWallowa/Upper Swamp Creek/PrivateImnaha/OR4 & OR39 GPS close to carcassConfirmedYes5
160316 Wallowa Investigation ReportCalf injuredWallowa/Lower Imnaha/PublicSnake River????OtherNone known2
160315 Lake Investigation ReportCalf dead
found at OR28 GPS location
Lake County/Silver Lake/PrivateOR28 GPS in vicinity 3xOtherNone known2
160309 Wallowa Investigation Report500 lb steer calf dead
mostly consumed
kill scene evident
2 wolves seen by owner
Wallowa/Upper Swamp Creek/PrivateImnaha wolf scat & tracks 4 Imnaha wolves seen by ODFWConfirmedNone known5
160229 Wallowa Investigation ReportCow injured
2 cows escaped pasture
wolf tracks inside pasture
Wallowa/Zumwalt Prairie/PrivateImnaha??? Wolf tracks presentPossible/UnknownNone recently Multiple prior2
160222 Klamath Investigation Report500 lb heifer calf injured
wolf tracks in pasture at time of injury
Klamath/Swan Lake Valley/PrivateOR33 GPS 6x in areaConfirmedNone known5
160119 Union Investigation ReportBorder Collie badly injured
Died at vet clinic
Union/Catherine Creek/PrivateCatherine Pair??OtherNone known2